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The Sex Inspectors

by | 22nd, November 2004

‘NEWSPAPER executive Des Kelly is Carol Vorderman’s Lois Lane – and, like Lois, he has no idea of his partner’s other identity.

Joyce hated it when Clive read over her shoulder

But Des is lucky – he can enjoy a good night’s sleep while Super Carol is busy fighting her arch enemy.

Most of us do not have the same luxury, with almost half of us complaining that we are incompatible with our partner when it comes to sleeping.

Two-thirds complain that their other half keeps them awake by snoring and more than 35% moan that their partner hogs the duvet.

And it’s not just sleeping – the Mail reports that more than half the country prefer to watch TV or read a book in bed than have sex with – or even talk to – their partner.

Luckily, however, help is at hand in the shape of…drum roll…The Sex Inspectors.

The Sun this morning previews “the most shocking reality TV series so far”, in which six couples had their bedtime activities filmed and analysed for the benefit of Channel 4 viewers.

And the Mirror introduces us to Charlotte Ross and Jamie Gold, the subject of tomorrow’s first episode when Charlotte has her first ever orgasm on camera.

“It felt like I was the only woman in the world who wasn’t having orgasms,” the 30-year-old says. “Now I know that isn’t true, so I’m sure other people will find the show really useful.”

Sex therapist Philip Howard says there is too much pressure on women to have orgasm, which is why so many fake it.

“Many sexual positions aren’t actually designed to help woman reach the heights of passion,” he tells the paper, “and penetration isn’t the ideal way for a women to orgasm.”

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