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And They’re Off

by | 22nd, November 2004

‘SO, they’re off…and the tears are already running, pouring down the cheeks of first Natalie Appleton and then Nancy Sorrel.

A Nat in Hell’s chance of winning

“I can’t do it,” sobs Natalie within hours of getting into the camp. “I can’t be Super Nat. I haven’t got the strength.”

Yes, what fortitude it must take to get paid more than most people do in a year to travel to Australia to sit on your arse for a fortnight.

“I miss him so much,” blubs Nancy about husband Vic Reeves. “I haven’t seen him for ages.”

Why, it must be all of a few hours…

Welcome to the cosseted world of the self-obsessed C-list celebrity, a world where the wrong tog rating on a hotel duvet can provoke a hissy fit.

It’s pathetic. It’s embarrassing. It’s humiliating. If Natalie and Nancy can’t handle being away from their loved ones, they shouldn’t have volunteered to go on I’m A Celebrity… in the first place.

Trying to kick-start a failing career comes at a price – and the price is not just measured in the number of buckets of insects you have emptied into your underpants.’

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