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by | 23rd, November 2004

‘WE have no doubt that Anorak’s new range of Victoria Beckham-designed Comfi-Slax will be as big a success as the classic first range (designed by George, of Asda fame).

‘I need the oxygen of publicity’

However, if they are not and La Posh has to look elsewhere for the means to put bread into her shopping trolley chauffeur’s mouth, then how about a trip to the Aussie jungle?

There, she could follow in the footsteps of another whose career has all been downhill since she left the all-girl band in which she made her name.

I’m A Celebrity… contestant Natalie Appleton, who had broken down in tears within a couple of hours of entering the jungle clearing, yesterday managed to top that – by passing out.

The former All Saints singer had to be given oxygen after collapsing in the wake of her first Bushtucker trial.

The Express says 10 million people tuned in to see the 31-year-old mother push a shopping trolley along a tightrope “the equivalent of eight double-decker buses above the jungle floor”.

“I was preparing to eat pus and bugs,” she said, when she found out the nature of the task.

“My knees have gone to jelly. Do you realise this is really serious for me. I’m doing this for my kids. This is my ultimate fear.”

No, not heights. Pushing her own shopping trolley…’

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