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No Strings Attached

by | 23rd, November 2004

‘THERE is something of the old Test Card girl about our monarch as she sits perfectly still, reading her Queen’s Speech.

‘That’s the way to do it! That’s the way to do it!’

Delivered in polished English but written by the governing Labour Party, today’s address is crammed full of proposed legislation that has no hope of being debated in full before the next election.

In these circumstances, the Queen’s job is, as the Times says, to act as a “mouthpiece and as an activist for the Labour Party”.

And woe betide anyone not paying full attention or not voting for Her Majesty, choosing to waste their vote on the overstuffed, clawless teddy that passes for Her Opposition.

You see, we are at the mercy of some terrible and oft unseen enemies – and what one Labour apparatchik calls in the Guardian a “security and opportunity” programme must be implemented before we reach the bottom of the cellar steps and ask: “Is anybody down here?”

The Indy gives the slew of law and order bills to be put forward by the Queen a new title on its front page: “The Politics Of Fear.”

Say “Boo!” to the war on terror and the new bill which will propose juryless anti-terror trials and the use of wire-tap evidence in courts.

Hide behind the sofa as the Government outlines plans for the “British FBI”, the Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca) with 5,000 officers detailed to stamp out drug trafficking, people smuggling and any other lucrative form of villainy.

And peer through webbed fingers only long enough to have your picture taken for your new national identity card, which Home Secretary David Blunkett says will keep us all safe – and give the troops over at Soca the chance to crack down on the new crime of forging them.

And all the while the Queen will read on, not daring to stop or put her own thoughts into the mix for fear of something terrible befalling her and her country…’

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