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Dead Reckoning

by | 24th, November 2004

‘EASTERN mysticism holds a deep fascination for many people.

So when the chief cleric of Sriguru Ashram in India eastern Orissa state said he would die a natural death last Wednesday between 6.00 am and noon, many believed him.

Here was a man who said he could and would die by the power of his own will. Who could not be interested in such wonder?

So the police made arrangements to keep the crowd at bay, as 15,000 people turned up to see the miracle.

On Wednesday morning, the seer prayed at the break of dawn and then sat down to meditate as the crowd watched him in awe.

As noon edged closer, the crowd fell into a respectful hush. And when noon passed and the seer was still alive, they went berserk and hurled abuse at him and temple officials.

The police resorted to a baton-charge to disperse the crowd.

‘Perhaps the will of God was somewhat different,” said the cleric. “I am very shocked to have given you so much pain. I wanted to leave my mortal body, but I could not. Please forgive me.’

Not on your life, mate…’

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