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The Orange Revolution

by | 24th, November 2004

‘DON’T panic! The “ORANGE REVOLUTION” announced on the Independent’s front page has nothing to do with Robert Kilroy-Silk’s rise to prominence.

‘It takes two to Tango’

In any case, the Indy is more aligned to the Jaffa-style Liberal orange than the sunbed-kissed neon of the former TV talkshow host.

No, the revolution that gets the Indy excited is the one over in the Ukraine, where hundreds of thousands of protestors have taken to the streets to cry foul over the election of Viktor Yanukovich to the post of president.

Supporters of Yanukovich’s rival, Viktor Yushchenko – who, unlike his opponent, favours closer links with the West and champions Ukraine’s move towards Europe – massed in Kiev’s main square in an impassioned show of support for their man.

The Telegraph, which also leads with “Revolution In The Ukraine”, hears the demonstrators chant “Police, join the people!”.

In a symbolic display of defiance to what is widely seen to have been a rigged ballot – with 99% of the vote in, Yanukovich leads by 49.4% to Yushchenko’s 46.7 – Mr Yushchenko took the oath of office.

The outgoing president, Leonid Kuchma, who has, to the Indy’s mind, ruled Ukraine with an iron fist wrapped in a chain mail glove for the past 10 years, threatened to use force if disorder is threatened.

But still the people pressed on, with opposition deputies loyal to the seemingly conspired-against Yushchenko encouraging demonstrators to storm the presidential building.

Ukraine does indeed seem to be on the brink of civil conflict, with two people claiming victory in a democratic vote to be the country’s new leader.

In this way, the contest calls to mind the fight four years ago between a certain George W Bush and Al Gore for the US Presidency.

Only in this instance the loser’s supporters may chose to speak for themselves rather than through a liberal-leaning media and an overweight film maker with an adolescent line in sarcasm.’

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