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One Into Five Won’t Go

by | 24th, November 2004

‘IF the sex inspectors had knocked on Robbie Williams’s door at any time during the past few years, the chances are they would have found him in bed with a Spice Girl.

‘Ip dip, sky blue, who’s it? Not you. Not because you’re Scary, not because you’re Posh…’

The Star leads this morning with the singer’s claim that he bedded four of the five original members of the group.

“And last night,” says the paper, “the guessing game was on to work out which unlucky lady missed out.”

A source explains: “The Geri and Mel C relationships were well-known and one other fling was hinted at in the past.

“But if he’s saying he’s slept with four of the girls, it either means he got it on with his best mate’s woman or Posh Spice – or both.

“Basically, it means he’s slept with two out of Posh, Scary and Baby.”

We are grateful for the “source” for this explanation – and perhaps we could suggest a career as a maths teacher.

If kids are going to get to grips with basic arithmetic, then what better way to explain it to them?

“If the sex inspectors arrive at David Beckham’s house and find one of Posh Spice, Rebecca Loos and Sarah Marbeck in David’s bed and one on the spare room, who’s pleasuring the pig..?”’

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