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Let’s Have Another Juan

by | 25th, November 2004

‘FOR Richard Desmond, owner of OK!, to have to walk into his local newsagent all this week and see Victoria Beckham’s face on the cover of their main rival must be hard.

”Brooklyn and Romeo, stop making fun of your brother’s name”

It must be like, well, like coming home from work early to find your hitherto perfect husband in bed with his PA.

Or picking up your husband’s phone, browsing through his text messages and discovering that he does know how to spell “Very, very ****, thinking of your **** and the *****” after all.

Did OK! not pay £1m of Mr Desmond’s hard-earned – have you seen Asian Babes? – money for an invitation to Posh’s wedding?

Was OK! not on hand in the days after the Spice Girls broke up to reassure her that that a No.1 solo single would be hers after all?

Has OK! not spent oh so many years showering her with compliments as unearned as they were incredible in a bid to win back its old place in her affections?

And this is how she repays it – with an interview in Hello!, in which she reveals “why she’s happy again”?

The reason, it seems, is not confined to the fact that she’s decided to put her singing career on hold nor to the fact that she’s got a new poncho, but to a forthcoming new arrival.

So, what’s the new baby boy, due in March, going to be called? How are her and Day-vid going to top Brooklyn and Romeo?

“Everyone always asks,” the former artist formerly known as Posh replies. “Brooklyn and Romeo really aren’t weird names.

“When you’ve got people like Gwyneth Paltrow calling their baby Apple, how does that make Romeo odd? It’s a very old-fashioned name. In Italy, Romeo is like John in London.”

Er, no. We think you’ll find that in Italy Giovanni (or Gianni) is like John in London, but carry on…

“I might just shock you all and call it Juan and be done with it,” she continues. “Juan Beckham…”

Or Romeo Beckham, as they say in Italy.’

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