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Come, All Ye Unfaithful

by | 25th, November 2004

‘CELEBRITY mother Kate Winslet was, we hasten to point out, NOT unfaithful to James Threapleton, her first husband and father of daughter Mia.


She happened to meet Sam Mendes when she and James were going through a bad time, but NOTHING happened until after they had gone their separate ways.

However, Kate may just possibly have thought about having an affair during that time.

If so, we could not have blamed her – according to a survey published in the Mail, nine out of ten women have thoughts about infidelity at some time or other.

But whether they act on those thoughts or not is to some extent genetic.

Scientists have identified an infidelity gene, which means that if they should stray, it is most probably their mother – beautiful word, isn’t it? – who is to blame.

“I think the thing to appreciate,” says Professor Tim Spector, “is that if you are given the right environment most people will not be unfaithful.”

Kate, for instance, would now not even entertain the thought of being unfaithful because she loves her husband – sob, sob – so much she – sob, sob – could cry.

[Blather on until tears dry and divorce papers come through…]’

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