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After The Jungle

by | 25th, November 2004

‘THERE is an advert in this morning’s Star beside its coverage of events in the Australian jungle for Joe Pasquale’s new live DVD featuring footage of his ‘The Everything I Have Ever Done’ tour. Underneath, there is an advert for “£9,560 PAIN RELIEF”.

A new series of Supermarket Sweep?

This is obviously a coincidence – nearly ten grand seems a lot even for the pain of having to sit through the whole of a Joe Pasquale gig.

However, if the C-list celebrities have already started trying to use their short-lived TV fame to boost their failing careers, what are we in for when they get out of the jungle?

It’s still barely safe to switch on the TV without seeing Linda Barker trying to flog us a washing machine or some incredibly ugly furniture – and that’s two years after she appeared on the programme.

And you can’t pick up a magazine without being confronted by the sight of pint-sized Aussie popster Peter Andre and his top-heavy fiancée Jordan.

We’re already hearing rumours about Nancy Sorrell forming a band with husband Vic Reeves or linking up with Jeff Beck to release a single.

We have a feeling that a Sophie Anderton autobiography is on the way, a chance for the underwear model to write about the one person in the world she’s interested in.

Paul Burrell will no doubt be going back into print on leaving the programme – Paul Burrell’s Guide To Jungle Camp, perhaps.

And we truly dread to think what the likes of Fran Cosgrave and Antonio Fargas have got up their sleeve. But we’re not hanging around to find out – we know a nice little clearing in the Aussie jungle that should be empty for the next 11½ months…’

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