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Top Of The Crops

by | 26th, November 2004

‘IT’S a pretty safe bet that no-one has ever strolled into their hairdressers, pointed to a glossy picture of Tony Blair and said: “I want that!”

Hair in a G-string

Indeed, looking at the Independent’s list of the most influential hairstyles of all time, we can see no mention of any political figure, not even of dear “Washington”, the official “Presidential Hair” that has sat proudly atop American leaders’ heads for generations.

What we do see is that the top of the crops is Jennifer Aniston’s winsome look, universally known as “The Rachel”.

In second place, is Farrah Fawcett’s flicky 1970s style, which guest starred in the TV series Charlie’s Angles.

And so we read down the list, noting the inclusion of Princess Diana (3rd), Twiggy (6th) and Audrey Hepburn (8th) with barely a twitch from our permed eyebrows.

But how happy can Catherine Zeta Jones be to note that her black mane is only the 20th best head, below Sinead O’Connor’s shaven bonce (18th), Marge Simpson’s blue high rise (14th) and Joan of Arc’s singed trusses (15th).

But the real surprise is the lack of men to have made it onto the list. There are none.

Where is Tom Selleck’s chest hair? What became of Bobby Charlton’s ear-hair comb-over? Has anyone seen singer Michael Bolton’s distressed poodle shag?

Not a mention of any. Which either means the poll is badly wrong, or else the front-bench of the Tory Party have failed to move with the times…’

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