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The Celebrity Sets

by | 26th, November 2004

‘THE Hollywood stud has luxurious zip-on hair, a face as free of lines as the Pope’s coffee table and a gorgeous nubile girlfriend to reassure him that he looks just as youthful as she does.

Armed to the teeth

But how do they achieve this sensational look? Well, it’s all thanks to the power of prayer. And the prayer of this and every other day is: “For the love of God, get me a good cosmetic surgeon!”

Unless daddy’s a top player in the Hollywood Hills, your genetic make-up will count for nothing as you strive to be more fabulous than the next snaggle-toothed, Gonzo-nosed redneck with a dream.

What you need to blend in with the Hollywood crowds, to look just like everybody else, is money. And if you can’t get some of your own, then Britney Spears is willing to pay.

According to the Enquirer, the rumour is that Britney has whisked her Kevin off for a double date at “dentist to the stars”, Dr Kevin Sands.

Britney opted for the $650 bleaching, a process in which the teeth are brushed with something not dissimilar to Domestsos, leaving you with a brilliant white smile right down to the last flush of youth.

Kevin’s gnashers, however, are said to have commanded a heftier price tag. If he went for the full set of veneers, his wife could have coughed up around $30,000.

If that’s the case, we can expect to see Kevin smiling broadly in all the places where the beautiful people hang out.

And why wouldn’t he beam, since he’s just got the one thing that is sure to secure him a happy and rich life.

No, not the teeth, although they can only help. Nor even Britney – given her wedding history, her current husband shouldn’t plan the ruby wedding celebrations just yet.

No, it’s a little bundle of joy that Britney may be carrying inside her stomach.

And in case she is in the family allowance way, Kevin and his wife have apparently already picked out a name for her. It’s Aurora.

Derived from the Latin word aurora, of Indo-European origin, it means luminous, and dazzling.

Like mom and pop’s teeth…’

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