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Dirty Harry

by | 26th, November 2004

‘WELL, at least Prince Harry is having more sex than his mother and father ever did, at least with each other.

They always go for the girl who reminds them of their mother

This morning’s papers are full of stories about how the 20-year-old’s trip to Argentina has been cut short “amid claims he was an unruly drunk who had become a gangland kidnap target”.

Buckingham Palace has been quick to deny both claims, saying that his holiday was shortened because a knee injury prevented him from playing polo.

And Clarence House said the prince had always been scheduled to return yesterday.

However, the Mirror hears from farm manager Oscar del Valle, who says Harry spent most of his time in Argentina boozing and chatting up girls in clubs.

“The reason for his early departure was he was out of control,” he said. “He was judged to be ungovernable.

“He’d go to traditional bars visited only by men. He’d drink beer and play pool. He was popular because he had no airs and graces.”

But he wasn’t just popular with the men, by the sounds of it.

“The word in Lobos was that he took girls he met in cafes or in the Plaza back to El Remanso ranch for fun with them,” said Senor del Valle.

“He is described as a ‘pinton’, the local word for good-looking. He was using his good looks to attract them and it worked.”

In other words, Harry was behaving pretty much as any normal 20-year-old boy would – so, no wonder the Royal Family was horrified by his behaviour.

In that respect, he should be much more like his dad.

The Sun says sensational tapes are to be aired in the United States next week, on which Princess Diana claims her husband “only wanted sex with her every THREE WEEKS”.

And his interest in lovemaking (with her) completely fizzled out after the birth of his youngest son.

“There was never a requirement for it from him,” she says on the tape (which was recorded by voice coach Peter Settelen and found its way to Paul Burrell’s house).

“Once every three weeks about, and I kept thinking – it followed a pattern. He used to see his lady once every three weeks before we got married.”

Or, given Prince Charles’s affinity with tampons, maybe that was once every four weeks…’

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