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Testing Test

by | 26th, November 2004

‘IF Prince Harry has not inherited his father’s lack of interest in sex, nor has he inherited his father’s brain.

Picture clue

Prince Charles famously won a place at Cambridge on the strength of his A-level results – a B in history, a C in French and, er, an A in being heir to the throne.

Prince Harry, by contrast, may or may not have needed the help of his teacher to get the art A-level that qualifies him to become an officer in the British Army.

But would either of them be able to pass the 1898 school entrance test reproduced in this morning’s Mail?

The paper says the exam, for 11-year-olds, “would probably prove far too difficult for most of today’s A-level students” – and their teachers.

Questions include “Give some account of Egbert, William II, Richard III, Robert Blake, Lord Nelson”, “Find the GCM of 13621 and 159848” and “Name the British possessions in America with the chief town of each”.

And “If the Prince Of Wales wants sex every three weeks and the Princess Of Wales wants sex every three minutes, who’s Prince Harry’s dad?”’

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