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Becks To The Wall

by | 26th, November 2004

‘IT is now well over a week since England’s friendly with Spain managed to sour relations between the two countries more effectively than any number of Gibraltars.

Anything to escape the British winter

But, although the Mirror tries to keep the race row alive with today’s claims about out-of-control Spanish police, some of us can remember what happened on the pitch.

And that was one of the most abysmal England performances any of us have ever had to witness, in particular from the captain, David Beckham.

It is therefore no surprise to read on the back of this morning’s Sun that Sven Goran Eriksson is fly to Madrid for heart-to-heart talks with the midfielder.

The paper says Beckham’s goal against Wales is one of the few meaningful contributions to the side since his amazing performance against Greece three years ago.

“Many are wondering,” it adds, “if Goldenballs has not just lost his form but the whole plot.”

And the Mirror has some advice for Eriksson on what he should say to the 29-year-old.

It wants him to strip Beckham of the captaincy and get him back on the right wing where he belongs; to tell Beckham to get back to being a footballer again and stop spending so much time on commercial commitments; and above all “to get back to being the hard-working, selfless team player you used to be”.

No complaints on that score about his fellow England captain, Michael Vaughan.

The Mail says England’s cricketers are being used as political pawns after they were last night “forced to embark on a tour nobody wants”.

The players had refused to fly to Zimbabwe after Robert Mugabe banned 13 British journalists from entering the country – a ban he was forced to revoke yesterday.

And the Mail is furious at ECB chairman David Morgan, who it says “has turned the national summer game into a laughing stock”.

Inexplicably, it says, he “never tested the resolve of the bullies on the ICC, claiming they would impose crippling fines on the English game if the tour were called off”.

Finally, from one national laughing stock to another and the Express says the Football Association unveiled its new chief executive last night – Brian Barwick.

“He will,” it says, “immediately set about the task of restoring the reputation of the FA, which has been badly damaged by a series of scandals.”

Or “lock up your secretaries”, as they say in Soho Square.’

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