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Chelsy Girl

by | 29th, November 2004

‘IS the blurring of the social boundaries about to reach its inevitable conclusion? Is it just a matter of time before we are all asked to be upstanding for Duchess Chelsy?

You can take the boy out of Chelsy…

Things could be worse, and we are at pains to point out that Prince Harry’s lover, whom, the Express claims, he’s been dating for the past eight months, boasts a classy ‘y’.

Just like more complex Jayne, well-spoken Byanca and devastatingly beautiful Armany, Chelsy bears the mark of the non-common in her moniker.

But what else do we know about her? Well, she’s 19, is based in Cape Town and is the daughter of an African rancher.

The Mail has more and says that Harry met her while on his gap year in South Africa – she was working in a bar, he was drinking in a bar; she was a pupil at Cheltenham Ladies’ College, he was a pupil at Eton; he is ginger, she is blonde.

And Chelsy was still blonde when she turned up at a bar in Cape Town to meet with friends. For the record, she wore a pair of sunglasses, white vest and blue jeans.

But more important than that is the fact that she is apparently smitten with the ginger prince, and recently flew out to that Argentinean backwater El Remanso to be with her man.

‘They looked madly in love,’ says one eyewitness in the Express – presumably one of the same onlookers who saw Harry going through the local girls like a polo player goes through ponies.

This same eyewitness then goes on to say how ‘at one point Harry admitted she was his first true love’. ‘They did all the things young people do.’

So that’ll be binge drinking, recreational drug use, casual sex and listening to Busted, then.

But fear not. Here’s a girl we can trust. Here’s a girl who will not drag the Windsors down. Or even the Wynsors, as they will soon be known…’

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