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Diet On Principle

by | 29th, November 2004

‘IF you’re going to starve yourself anyway, you may as well do it for a reason – and not just to fit into that Size 6 Gucci dress you’ve just bought.

Ruslana is now in her third hour without food

For instance, if Victoria Beckham wants to do an impression of a pencil, then she should make a virtue of it by announcing that she is on hunger-strike until there is peace in the Middle East, Aids is eradicated in Africa or Dolce & Gabbana launch a new toddlers’ range.

That is what Ukrainian pop star Ruslana Lezhychko did – the Eurovision winner announced on Thursday that she was refusing food in protest at the election fraud in her country.

Yesterday, according to the Indy, she announced she was temporarily suspending her strike ‘because I see positive developments’ (otherwise known as a chocolate ├ęclair).

‘As soon as the situation comes to a head again,’ she said, ‘I will immediately resume the hunger strike and only drink tea and water.’

It is a courageous stand that we here at Anorak are impelled to follow.

Accordingly, we hereby announce that after breakfast we will forego food (except for tea and water and maybe the odd Hob Nob biscuit) until we see positive developments, probably around 1 o’clock…’

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