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by | 30th, November 2004

‘WHILE Jordan wants to have her celebrity cake, eat it and then barf over the side of the boat, Jennifer Ellison is just quietly getting on with the job of being big-breasted and famous.

Jen is the new, er, face of electrostyling

‘We make our money by being in the public eye, so we can’t really complain too much,’ she tells OK! when asked by tabloid intrusions into her private life.

But it’s not Jen’s private life that OK! wants to talk about nor even her role as Roxie in Chicago nor even her time as a celebrity chef.

No, OK! wants to talk about an innovative new styling concept called ‘electrostyling’, launched by, the UK’s number one electrical e-tailer and home to an unbeatable range of competitively priced electrical products.

So, Jen, what is electrostyling?

‘Electrostyling is styling your electrical goods in the same way that you would style your carpets, accessories and furnishings.’

Give us an example, Jen.

‘It’s been great for Tony and his computer games. Before we had X-Box, Playstation and Game Cube and goodness knows what else all around the living room with wires everywhere, but now everything is nicely organised, the wires are hidden and there’s one control, so it’s brilliant.’

So, Jen, will you be logging onto the website this Christmas?

‘Definitely. It’s great with it all being online so you don’t have to go to the shops and trail around for hours. They offer lots of advice on how to style your home and how to fit things into what you’ve already got.’

Wow, Jen! Electrostyling from sounds really fantastic. In fact, you’re such a fan you should become a spokesperson for the company.

What? You are already? So much so that you’ve taken to doing the vacuuming in a bikini..?’

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