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The Orange Revolution

by | 1st, December 2004

‘ROBERT Kilroy Silk, the famously orange MEP for the East Midlands, should take note.

Taiwan’s Prime Minister Yu Shyi-kun is ordering the country’s soldiers to eat as many oranges they can to help him win the next election.

He believes farming communities will support his Democratic Progressive Party if this year’s bumper crop finds takers, but could desert him en masse if the fruit remains uneaten and is left to rot.

His colleagues have also embarked on an orange-eating campaign to garner support from voters in farming areas.

Party spokesman Tsai Huang-Liang saying: ”To eat oranges now is to show you love Taiwan.”

However, rivals at the People First Party are refusing to be outdone.

They have auctioned off large quantities of the fruit and distributed 100 sacks of oranges among supporters.’

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