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Pizza Delivery

by | 1st, December 2004

‘IN a scientific study that most likely earned Dean Macey a physics A-level, the British Olympic decathlete has sought to discover which pizza flies furthest and truest.

Chelsea on course for all four trophies – the quattro stagione , as it’s known

On the morn of Arsenal’s return to Old Trafford for the first time since the post-match nosh went flying, Arsenal fan Macey has employed years of selfless training and dedication to his sport to good effect.

For the record, the Sun lets it be known that the most effective pizza in a food fight is… bacon which flew a creditable 30.1 metres.

Last was the Hawaiian, which bogged down by chunks of un-aerodynamic pineapple managed just 23.8 metres.

Well done, Dean, for that – and doubly well done on the Sun for allowing an athlete some coverage outside Olympic fortnight.

But now it’s back to sport – or football as it’s known – and the Times’ news that Chelsea are on course for pizza, wine, soup and, well, just about everything.

In beating Fulham 2-1 at Craven Cottage last night, the Blues are in the semi-finals of the Carling/Londis/Cromwell’s Bazaar Cup and so in the hunt for all four major trophies.

So, well done to the Chelsea reserves, which can count among their number only one non-international – Carlo Cudicini – and players like Wayne Bridge (£8m), Didier Drogba (£22), Scott Parker £10m) and Glen Johnson (£7m).

This means the Blues are, in the opinion of that purple-faced messy eater Alex Ferguson, United’s main barriers to silverware.

The clear intention of this aside is to pile some pressure on the Blues, dismiss Arsenal and talk up his own bunch of underperforming staff in one deft line.

It also shows why Ferguson for all his successes is still viewed by many as a charmless so-and-so who has done much to take pleasure away from the game.

Ferguson is not the only one responsible for how football has changed in recent years, and Arsenal vice-chairman David Dein tells the Express that television has played its part.

He claims that televised coverage of football is at saturation point and has left the game in “intensive care”.

“Perhaps we are getting to the stage where less is more,” he said to the Soccerex conference in Dubai.

Perhaps. But up in Manchester, his Arsenal and United are getting ready for more of the same…’

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