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God Botherers

by | 2nd, December 2004

‘BEFORE we all bend over before the next celebrity idol, we’d like to remind you that there is a God.

‘I’m sitting on his right hand. Jesus’ll just have to move’

This one true idol has been around for millennia, entertaining the masses and packing in the crowds with his one man/woman shows.

No, it’s not Des O’Connor – it’s God. And this God wears no fake tan, hotpants or a dead Princess’s old dresses.

This supreme being has no truck with status or celebrity, something the Rev James Thomson is keen to impress upon his local councillors.

‘We are all equal before God,’ says James (may we call you James?), insisting that no-one can take priority over another.

However, not everyone agrees, and the members of Fenland District Council are having none of it.

They did intend to group book the front few rows of pews for their annual Christmas carol service at James’s Church of St Peter and St Paul in Chatteris, Cambs, but their request was denied.

Upset at James’s decision not to allow them to reserve seating according to the status of the different dignitaries (God at the mayor’s right hand, a lamb at his feet etc.), the councillors have made alternative arrangements.

And the Express says the service will now be held St Wendreda’s Church.

And if James could pass on to God details of the new address, the council chairman will think about forgiving him…’

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