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Teenage Kicks

by | 2nd, December 2004

‘ARSENE Wenger’s social experiment is keeping a gang of kids off the streets of Islington ended last night when they took what the Express calls a “buffeting”.

The Getafe No.9

Losing the game 1-0 to an experienced Manchester United side of eight internationals is no shame, but we are shocked to read that, with so many children around, no food was thrown.

Thankfully, there was enough argy-bargy for the Mirror to publish a picture of the game’s sole flashpoint when Arsenal’s youth showed that when it comes to the rough stuff they can hold their own – and the shirt and neck of United’s Kieran Richardson.

Bravo to them! And we expect more of them same.

And there’s ever more of the same from Tottenham, who did their best to give solace to Arsenal by proving that, whatever the plight of the Gunners, there is always a team up the road worse off.

As the Sun reports, last night Spurs also crashed out of the Carling Cup, losing on penalty kicks to a plucky, if uncomplicated, Liverpool side.

The semi-finals of the cup that changes its name like Chelsea change their line-up now reads: Watford v Liverpool; Chelsea v Manchester United.

Given Chelsea and United’s commitment to winning this tin pot, their two-legged affair could be a cracker and restore some shine to a jaded competition.

How to add some lustre to Spanish football, which has come under the searchlight in recent days, is something that interests the Times.

News is that Luis Aragones, the unreconstructed Spain manager who made those infamous remarks about Thierry Henry, has been asked to resign his job by his family.

Unhappy at the strain Aragones is under, his family have pleaded with him to quit.

“I have suffered a lot in the past few days,” says Aragones, eliciting zero sympathy. “I have never thought of resigning from my position, but my family have asked me to leave the post.”

And that’s not all, because over at La Liga club Getafe – where the club’s fans have been guilty of racially abusing visiting black players – plans are afoot to do the nasties down.

The Times says that Angle Torres, the club’s president, has suggested that his players should paint their faces black at their next home game.

This is not intended to take the mick out of black players and nor will they be singing about Mammy – it’s meant to combat the racists.

“We reject racism and xenophobia and we will show it,” says Torres. “I will propose to my players to paint their faces black for the next championship match.”

Yes, you did just read that. This is no piece of cutting-edge satire – we wish we had the brain power to dream up such a thing. This is Spanish football putting its house in order.

And yes, you can put your head in your hands and weep. But try not to make the boot polish run…’

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