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La Vida Loca

by | 2nd, December 2004

‘FOR some time now we’ve followed the love affair between Gisele Bundchen and Leonardo DiCaprio.

The celebrity couple are often seen out together

But it’s all been a sham. No, no, no, silly, Leo’s not sexually indifferent or worse and Gisele’s not just in for the fame by association. This is no PR stunt, you fool.

This story is about the simple truth that Leo is not the Brazilian model’s ‘great love’, for that honour must go to her pet pooch, Vida.

So when Vida went missing, it was only natural that she should panic. She looked everywhere for the Yorkshire terrier, under hedges, in the toilet and under her baseball cap.

But she was nowhere. So Gisele and a friend mounted a ‘frantic poster campaign’, sticking up pictures of Vida all over the area around her Santa Monica home and asking for help.

There was even a reward on offer – Gisele was willing to pay $2,000 for the return of the dog of which she says: ‘She is my company.’

And than a call. Vida had been spotted in the street. Without a moment to lose, Gisele dashed over to the scene and there was Vida.

The pair are now reunited.

But there is no small mystery as to how Vida came to be lost. Perhaps Leo knows. Anyone seen him?’

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