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War Is Over

by | 3rd, December 2004

‘RING the church bells! Get ’em out for the lads! ‘War is over’! Posh and Geri have made up!

‘Two become one…’

The Sun brings the news many have not even dared to pray for as it reports on how Victoria Beckham has buried the hatchet and invited Geri Halliwell to the christening of her sons Brooklyn and Romeo.

‘Victoria has forgiven Geri,’ says a source close to the Beckhams. ‘They are very close again and Posh has told Geri she wants her to be part of the christening.’

Here at last is a move that will give fresh hope to the stalled Middle East peace process for, if Posh can move on and forgive Geri for quitting the Spice Girls mid-tour in 1998, then anyone can air kiss and make up.

But while Posh gets ready to throw a big bash to prove that she and Day-vid are back on track and very much in love, we wonder what else we can expect on the big day.

And the answer is fish, lots and lots of fish. We can be more specific, and exclusively let it be known that it’s not just any fish – it’s trout.

The Sun has a list of ‘pouting celebrities and their fishy namesakes’ and notes that Posh will be supplying the steelhead tiger trout.

It’s a pretty plain-looking specimen, with the usual arrangement of fleshy lips, fins and gills and dressed in head-to-toe silver.

But there is more. Liz Hurley, a designated godparent on the big day, will be arriving with a dish of her new rainbow trout.

And by way of a change, Geri will be having the cod…’

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