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by | 3rd, December 2004

‘IF education is to be relevant, it has to move with the times.

Week 1 – Making The Pole Your Friend

GCSEs in leech application, trepanning and applied ducking stool design have all rightly gone the way of the dinosaur.

And replacing them, we’ve got media studies, short courses in ambulance chasing and now pole dancing.

The Express notes that a new four-week course in pole dancing is on offer at New College in Swindon.

Students will be tutored in how to wear next to nothing and rotate round a metal pole in the manner of a randy fireman.

Others can stay on for the post-pole diploma and learn ‘trickier’ moves, for instance modules in money management, in which scholars will be instructed in ways to keep their cash safe while wearing less than a new-born baby in his birthday suit.

Professor of poleology, Jody Bishop, 24, who has been pole dancing for five years, hopes the new course will once more take Britain to the forefront of world education.

‘People will realise what great exercise it is and that it’s not just for doing late at night in a club,’ says she knowingly.

‘It’s a really good workout and builds both upper and lower body strength. The girls will discover muscles they didn’t know they had.’

As will the boys…’

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