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Sex, Lies & The United States

by | 3rd, December 2004

‘BRITISH kids may not know their onions with regard to where different foods come from, but they do at least know everything there is to know about sex.

Do try this at home, kids

Not so their American counterparts. A congressional report has discovered that millions of US pupils are being fed lies as part of religiously-inspired sex education courses.

According to the Telegraph, inaccuracies included the claim that condoms fail to prevent HIV transmission in two-thirds of cases and that half of all gay US teenagers have Aids.

In order to qualify for specially earmarked federal funds, schools in the United States must teach abstinence-only education.

Discussion of contraception is limited to describing the failure rates of birth control methods.

Children are taught that any sex outside a monogamous marriage can end their lives and destroy the very fabric of society.

And other nonsense such as a 43-day-old foetus is a thinking person and HIV can be spread through sweat or tears.

But guess what, kids, it’s all crap. Sex is fun. Sex is great. Have lots of it. In lots of different places. In lots of different positions. With lots of different people.

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