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Trouble In Courts

by | 3rd, December 2004

”’JUST remember that you’re shopping/ At a store that is stocking/ 20,000 items, maybe more…”

”In case of an emergency, break the glass”

Oh, the irony! The Times says hundreds of angry customers descended on Courts furniture stores yesterday after the 150-year-old chain went into administration on Monday.

Customers who had paid in full for their furniture were told that they could pick it up without any problems; and those who had paid a deposit were told they could collect it, once they had settled the balance, as long as it was in store – but if it was still at the distributors, they had lost their deposits and goods.

However, far from the 20,000 items of which the advert used to boast, those customers who did turn up found slim pickings.

”Some,” says the Times, ”recognising their goods in the window, took direct action, smashing the window and claiming their goods.

”Others began to abuse the staff verbally, wanting to know where their furniture was.”

The police had to be called to several stores to calm things own and all 88 branches will be closed today because of fears for staff safety.

Cue music… ”So, we sincerely hope not to see you all in Courts…”’

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