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by | 6th, December 2004

‘WHILE David Blunkett explains all, another politician with a tangled love life cycles back into the fray.

The face of this month’s CAnorak

The Times looks on as Boris Johnson heads for another confrontation with his party – and, judging by the three sequential shots of him cycling while using on his mobile phone, a collision with the pavement.

And the phone is the thing, because Tim Yeo, the shadow transport secretary – incidentally, in a past political incarnation Yeo cheated on his wife and fathered a child by a Hackney councillor – says that it’s not right that cyclists can use their mobile phones when in motion while car drivers cannot.

“Cyclists need to hear more sensitively than people in cars because they don’t have mirrors and so don’t know what’s coming up behind them,” says Yeo, who wants cycle phones banned

But Boris isn’t having any of it. Speaking via his Spectator column, he vows “to defend the right to cycle and phone while there is breath in my body”.

There goes Boris, as they say in Liverpool, wallowing in his victim status…’

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