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The Underdogs

by | 6th, December 2004

‘A DOG is no longer man’s best friend. We’ve had a falling out.

Moments later, Yorkie was lunch

According to the Independent, which has seen a survey carried out by TV satellite channel Animal Planet, the dog is now only the second most loved animal in the world.

Of 52,755 votes take, the dog polled a creditable but ultimately unsuccessful 20% of the vote globally, a figure which falls to just 17% in the UK.

But before we reveal the winner and which is the most favourite animal around, we turn to the Times and hear of some anti-dog legislation.

The Government is to announce that owners of dogs which soil the pavement will get on-the-Spot fines of £50 a poop.

As part of the Clean Neighbourhoods Bill, not only will police officers be able to impose the fine but also community support officers and council wardens.

And this is not unpopular with the British public. Another poll, this one from Keep Britain Tidy, says that 95% of us find dog mess disgusting.

(Presumably, the other 5% find it quite tasty and no worse than motorway food, thank you.)

So dogs are out and in at No. 1 are…tigers.

While not your everyday beasts, tigers are fashionably stripy, make better security guards than dogs and have never, to the best of our knowledge, rutted the vicar’s leg.

And best of all they are more than capable to eating a yapping, rat-like Yorkshire terrier in a single bite. Which is marvellous…’

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