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Yorkshire Puddings

by | 6th, December 2004

‘IT’S official – the biggest tits in Britain come from Bradford.

Twinned with Bradford

Not only is the Yorkshire city home to Countdown host Richard Whiteley and the forgotten man of pop, Gareth Gates, but the average woman there boasts a 41-inch bust.

So says the Sun, which not only takes a professional interest in such matters but has seen the vital statistics of 37,000 women who have registered with diet website DailyDietTracker.

According to the data, Bradford women narrowly beat their counterparts in Leicester (40 inches) in the chest department, with Glasgow and Birmingham (39 inches) in equal third.

Edinburgh, by contrast, is the pancake capital with women there boasting measly 30-inch chests, even flatter than in York (31 inches), Leeds and Coventry (32 inches).

All of which will come as some surprise to the electors of the East Midlands, who thought that they possessed the biggest tit in Britain in the shape of their MEP Robert Kilroy-Silk.

The Mail this morning has a picture of what remains of a bucket of shit on its front page after it had been involved in a nasty altercation with the Arab-loving former talkshow host.

The incident happened as our orange friend was arriving at a school in Manchester for a recording of Radio 4’s Any Questions.

Just as he climbed out of his car, he was attacked by a bearded man, who claimed Kilroy had insulted the religion of Islam.

“This is all about trying to bully and intimidate people they disagree with,” said the man who has spent his life trying to bully and intimidate people he disagrees with.

“Trying to stifle people who have strong legitimate opinions and express them robustly as I do.”

For what opinion could be stronger than Kilroy’s belief that all Arabs are ‘suicide bombers, limb amputators and women repressors’?

What opinion more robust than that Ireland is ‘a country peopled by peasants, priests and pixies’, that Pakistanis ‘want to generate hate’, that the French are ‘devious’, Germans ‘truculent’ and Spanish ‘not to be trusted’?

And what opinion more legitimate than Kilroy’s description of Muslims as ‘backward and evil’?’

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