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BNP-ed Off

by | 6th, December 2004

‘ROBERT Kilroy-Silk is the Oswald Moseley of his generation – and his journey from the left to the right of the political spectrum will only be complete when he joins the British National Party.

‘Do you know Morrissey’s ‘Hang the DJ’?’

A group so inept that it can’t even organise a whites-only Christmas party.

The Mirror says a number of members of the far right group stormed out of their own bash at a top London hotel – after it hired a black DJ by mistake.

“Everyone was a bit alarmed when he turned up with his lights and console,” said BNP organiser Bob Garner. “A lot of people weren’t happy. I wasn’t. One or two walked out.”

But so embarrassed by their bigoted beliefs were the ones who stayed that they didn’t even dare admit to the DJ that they were members of the BNP.

“Traditionally someone stands and says what’s happened in the year or in the elections,” Mr Garner explains, “but it was a bit difficult to say we were even in the BNP.

“We even had to be careful what we said when we did the raffle so we didn’t offend this guy. What are you supposed to do? Tell him to clear off? It was very, very embarrassing.”

Proving that in Britain social niceties always win out over even the most repugnant of political beliefs…’

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