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Fat Cats

by | 6th, December 2004

‘TIGERS may have overtaken dogs to become man’s best friend, but not all cats are so popular.

”More humbug in syrup, your Highness?”

We all hate fat cats, the bosses who vote themselves massive pay rises while expecting their workers to survive on a bowl of gruel a week.

And the news in the Mirror is that it is not just their hefty pay packets that weigh these fat cats down – it is their bellies as well.

A survey by a catering firm discovered that almost half of all fat cats are overweight.

One in five do no exercise at all, a third live on ready meals, three quarters don’t eat the recommended amount of fruit and veg a day and one in ten goes drinking every day.

Clearly, they should all be following the lead of CBI boss Digby Jones, who has lost two stone in the past four months.

And the Mirror has the perfect way to do it – the I’m A Celebrity… diet.

For breakfast, the paper recommends a slice of wholemeal bread and a small can of baked beans; for lunch a small jacket potato and a can of baked beans; and for dinner two low-fat sausages and a serving of baked beans.

All served by an unctuous former Royal butler in one of Princess Diana’s old ballgowns…’

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