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Hoff The Booze

by | 6th, December 2004

‘NEWS reaches us of our favourite lifeguard, David Hasselhoff, now sadly now back in the United States after his six-week stint in London.

David arriving at his first AA meeting of the day

He is said to have attended 46 out of the 104 AA meetings he was ordered to attend after being busted for drink driving – in just two weeks.

”He generally goes to the early morning meeting in the Malibu area, headed by Mel Gibson,” his spokeswoman (who clearly hasn’t quite got to grips with the anonymous part of Alcoholics Anonymous) tells the Enquirer.

”Throughout the day, David attends other meetings in Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, as well as in the San Fernando Valley where he lives.

”He hits his first meeting at dawn and by the time the sun sets, he’s still going to meetings.”

The Hoff, it seems, is bringing the same dedication to his quest for sobriety as he once did to saving the lives of those Californians who could drown in two foot of water.

He’s determined, the Enquirer says, not to let down his wife Pamela and his two daughters – but every day is still a struggle.

”As long as he’s busy,” a close source reveals, ”David feels he is OK, but when he has excess free time, he finds it difficult to battle his drinking problem.”

An obvious solution presents itself. Time to get David back into his red trunks and patrolling the beaches of southern California once more.

Lest he start singing again…’

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