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The Butler’s Revenge

by | 6th, December 2004

‘DAVID Hasselhoff is not the only one to have deserted these rain-sodden islands for the red swimsuited beaches of California.

”Camp? Moi?”

Paul Burrell is set to join him, the real reason he went on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! apparently being to help his quest to become a Hollywood star.

”Paul is determined to get out of Britain and head for the States, where he’s convinced he can become a superstar,” a source tells the Enquirer.

”He’d see that as his ultimate revenge on the royals and Mrs and Mrs Joe Public, all of whom he thinks have failed him.”

What exactly Mr and Mrs Public have done to fail the ”double-dealing butler” is not specified.

Perhaps he’s upset that we didn’t buy enough copies of his execrable book, A Royal Duty?

Possibly he hasn’t forgiven us for crying with laughter at his ambition ”to become a serious actor” and appear in a thriller directed by Guy Ritchie?

Or maybe he’s peeved at all our insinuations that he is camper than a camper van with 50 Great Broadway Showstoppers blasting from the CD player?

What is certain is that, as a butler, he will know the correct way to serve up his revenge, be it hot or cold…’

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