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Barber Shop Of Horrors

by | 6th, December 2004

‘THERE truly is no experience in this whole wide world as unpleasant as having to listen to a barber shop quartet in full voice.

If this is barber shop, it’s time to bring back Sweeny Todd

Drag your fingernails down a blackboard, nail a cat’s tail to the floorboards, put The Political Wit & Wisdom of Robert Kilroy Silk CD on loop, but never make us listen to a barber shop quartet.

And please, please, please never make us listen to G4 ever again.

As musical experiences go, G4 occupy the lowest place in Hell – below even novelty records, Sir Cliff Richard and Westlife’s cover of Seasons In The Sun.

They are an aberration, a genetic monster, the Frankenstein-like result of the inter-breeding of opera, karaoke and pop.

If the US army is looking for new ways to torture prisoners in Abu Ghraib prison, then they could surely do no better than to get the X-Factor foursome over to Baghdad.

If the producers of I’m A Celebrity… are searching for a truly horrendous Bushtucker Trial, then make one of the remaining celebrities listen to G4 in action.

But if ITV really want us ever to feel safe turning the telly on again, then please, please, please never let them pollute our airwaves again.’

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