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Helmut Klein

by | 7th, December 2004

‘WHEN you’re big in Germany, you’re big in Austria as well. But how big is big?

It’s a question that’s bothering makers of Germany’s condoms, who say that for fear of looking small, German manhood is buying the big size which doesn’t fit.

You see, in downtown Cuxhaven, the condoms are labelled in terms of size and the country’s sausage munchers are going for the Frankfurter or bratwurst instead of the snug fitting chipolatta.

A study by Vinico, an average-to-moderate name in the German Johnny market, asked to measure the erect penises of 2,500 German men.

”People measure their feet when they buy shoes. Why shouldn’t they measure their penises? A man would not wear children’s shoes,” said Jan Vinzenz Krause of Vinico.

Er, let’s not dwell on that analogy and move swiftly onto the results and note that the average erect German penis size is 14.7 cm (5.75 inches).

Or “zeppelin” as it says on the new condom boxes…’

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