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Tiara For Now

by | 7th, December 2004

‘MILLIONS of us have seen Paul Burrell eat a testicle.

A butler among men

He didn’t lick around the edges. He did not play with his food. He dived right in.

What he was thinking about as he munched on the ball is the stuff of one-man stage shows.

Perhaps he thought about the late Princess, his old boss. Perhaps he thought about the young princes, William and Harry.

Perhaps he thought about the votes his bravura performance would earn him and so bestow upon him the tiara that would sit so rightly on his head.

We will only know when Burrell tells all and sundry on various day-time TV shows.

But even with his selfless acts of dedication to the duty to self-promotion, the nut-munching former butler failed to win the glittering prize.

And no, Burrell did not take the winner’s crown back to his tent for safe keeping. The crown was rapidly installed atop the bonce of Joe Pasquale, the squeaky-voiced comedian.

Well, done Joe. He looks good in foil.

Although, if anyone knows what has happened to his old hat, his jungle outfit and the tapes of his jungle hut one-on-ones, will they please own up.

The world has a right to know what was said. A duty to know…’

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