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The Expelled Files

by | 10th, December 2004

‘JUST what happens to the thousands of children who are expelled from school each year?

Expulsion, expulsion, expulsion

The Times says that, according to the Government’s own figures, up to 10,000 children “go missing completely” each year.

One minute they’re throttling their victim with his anti-bullying bracelet, then next – poof! – they are gone.

The possibility of alien abduction does not seem to figure too highly in the Government’s attempts to explain this mass disappearance, but surely it cannot be ruled out.

Charles Clarke, the suspiciously bat-eared Education Secretary, blames local authorities for being too unwilling to deal with troublesome pupils.

So he wants leading schools, including selective grammar schools, to accept a handful of disruptive pupils each year.

These schools may not plead a lack of spare places, nor complain that the little oik who ruined everyone’s life at his last school will do the same at his new one – they will be forced to accept them.

But what about the others? What about those already missing?

Perhaps they’re being held in a secret Government institution for over-excitable and occasionally violent youth?

It sounds too incredible to be true. But then you consider this Government’s habit of declaring war at a moment’s notice, we see a need for such a place.

And the name of this shadowy institution? Why, the British Army, of course. That’ll learn ‘em…’

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