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Spirit Of Christmas

by | 10th, December 2004

‘THE votes are in and yesterday’s extensive poll says that you want Christmas to be rebranded as Piss-Up Day.

”You better watch out, You better not cry…”

No need for Tony Blair to send out two cards any longer – one to Christians, another to the heathen – as he can now just fast-track everyone a miniature of sherry and the written command “Cheers!”.

And already you the voters have taken up Piss-Up Day (and its associated Piss-Up Eve) with more gusto than any nativity play could muster, regardless of how good the Jesus figure is at football.

Take the Times, which leads with a picture of over 4,000 Santa Clauses on a record-breaking fun run in the Welsh town of Newton.

The run was indeed fun, but the real seasonal joviality came with the event proper when a number of Santas set about getting their noses as red as their suits at the local pubs.

And in honour of Piss-Up Day, they downed copious amounts of ale before engaging in the age-old custom of picking a fight with each other…and then having one.

And on to Marks & Spencer, where the Guardian watches one Leo Neita slump back on a brown leather sofa, chomp on a pretzel and down a cold one.

While the womenfolk stock up on lager and gin for the upcoming national day of drinking and all its associated fun – arguing; fighting; passing out – Leo and his ilk get into the swing of things in the store’s new chill-out crèche.

And very soon others will follow.

Take a good long slurp on that communion wine, leave a generous tipple out for Santa and convert your church into a theme pub.

Piss-Up Day is nigh…’

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