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Multifaith Britain

by | 13th, December 2004

‘WE in Britain may worship the cult of celebrity, kneel at the altar of physical beauty and drink copiously from the cup of house redecoration programmes, but we are nominally a Christian country.

Prayer time at the Free Church Of Love

According to the 2001 census, more than 37 million of us consider ourselves Christians, 1.5 million Muslims, 550,000 Hindus, 330,000 Sikhs, 260,000 Jews and 144,000 Buddhists.

But, says the Telegraph, they are just the main groupings in a country which practises more than 170 different faiths.

And these are the ones we at Anorak salute this morning.

Stand up and raise a glass of hallucinogenic cactus, the 234 of you who are followers of the Native American Church.

Stop what you’re doing, cover yourselves up and take a bow, the 49 of you who worship at the Free Church Of Love.

And be very ashamed, you 24 Amish, and ask yourselves what you’re doing reading this on a computer…’

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