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Is Fat The New Thin?

by | 13th, December 2004

”’WHEN I started eating again, my metabolism was too slow and I put on tons of weight,” says Christina Ricci, aka Ant of Ant and & Dec look-alike fame.

No prizes for guessing where most of the weight went

”I didn’t work for a year because of it. Still part of me feels I’m never going to be thin enough.”

And we wonder why only part of her feels this way; there is no way anyone can ever be too thin in showbiz.

Ricci is at home in Tinseltown, a place where the populace looked at the images of stick-thin people coming out of Africa in the mid-1980s with unbridled envy.

There is talk in Ethiopia of the ”Yankee tribe” who arrived looking for the perfect excuse not to eat, having exhausted all the old staples – ”I’m allergic to wheat”; ”I ate earlier” (in 1976); ”I don’t ‘do’ food”.

They have never summoned up the energy to leave.

But, if you can’t be too thin, can you be too fat?

Since Kirstie Alley piled on the bulk and then duly scored a comeback in the TV show Fat Actress, the answer seems to be ”No”.

But is fat the new thin? Perhaps it is, although it might simply be the old thin wrapped in many inches of lard.

This could imply that inside every fat actress there’s a thin one waiting to eat her way out. Which could mean Rosie O’Donnell is twice as big a star as we first thought.

Which is an interesting, if not a frightening, thought…’

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