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A Non-Mobile Feast

by | 14th, December 2004

‘THANKS to Jamie Oliver, 40% of mums spend 20 hours shopping for Christmas food, presents and decorations – twice as long as men.

”Hang on a sec, I’ve almost got it”

A survey conducted by Woolworths, and now reproduced in the Mirror, says that one in five women spend five hours wrapping gifts, compared to one in 20 men.

And one in five women ”slaves away” in the kitchen preparing Christmas dinner, yet only one in four drudges get any help from those so-called men.

This is cutting-edge stuff from the cutting-edge paper.

And looking at that hard news, it’s pretty clear that mums need all the time off they can get – mums like Posh Beckham.

Sticking with the Mirror, readers learn that Posh and her husband have hired a £1,000-a-day butler to help out around the house this Christmas and to spend four hours wrapping the presents they’ve bought family and friends.

(We, of course, get our gifts delivered in person from the couple we consider friends, and expect this year to be no exception.).

But for those with nothing better to do than rock up chez Beckham this Christmas, a man will be on hand to help with those troublesome sheets of wrapping paper and that hellish sticky tape.

Our man in the monkey suit has also be instructed to pass among the gusts before dinner and collect mobile phones to ensure there are no disturbances during meal times.

And that Day-vid behaves himself…’

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