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Pigs Will Flee

by | 14th, December 2004

‘WE at Anorak are long-term supporters of the Government’s plans to crack down on the swine who terrorise our town centres with their boarish behaviour.

”Ah, yes, that’s it. Just like that…”

And so we’re glad to read in this morning’s Times that Cromer magistrates have handed down antisocial behaviour orders on 100 such creatures who have been causing chaos in the Norfolk village of Briston.

Among the complaints levelled against them was that they covered the roads in dangerous skid patches from their droppings, that they had burrowed in residents’ gardens with their snouts and that they had threatened to pass on porcine diseases to local cattle.

For these animals acting like pigs were in fact pigs – from the farm of 62-year-old Brian Hagan.

And it was Mr Hagan who was the recipient of the ASBO on behalf of his pigs, who repeatedly escaped from their field between May and November of this year.

Outside the court, Mr Hagan said he had had pigs for 44 years and never had any trouble.

”If you understand pigs,” he explained, ”you know that once they escape they will keep trying to get out.”

So, it was nothing to do with the fact that Rebecca Loos has recently bought a house in the area…’

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