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Singing The Blues

by | 14th, December 2004

‘REMEMBER that dream we had yesterday, the one about games of football finishing with the final whistle? Well, dream on.

”No, no, not the naughty boys’ nets”

It’s another slow news day in football land, and that means more nonsense about the Arsenal-Chelsea match.

And today it’s the turn of the Blues’ keeper Petr Cech to chip in with his comments about referee Graham Poll.

“Poll has cheated us,” says the player. “Maybe he is an Arsenal fan or it was just his failure… The referee presented Arsenal with a goal.”

And then we turn to the Express and hear that Chelsea fans have been accused of hurling racist abuse at Arsenal’s Patrick Vieira.

The offensive song – “Vieira, he comes from Senegal, his mum’s a cannibal” – is not very clever, although cannibal does have three syllables, which among Chelsea’s traditional legion of grunting fans is an impressive haul.

And Leo Mann of Kick It Out, the anti-racism group, says the chant is “quite obviously racist”.

“I am sure many Chelsea supporters were disgusted,” he added, “and I would urge supporters to come forward to ensure the morons get what they deserve.”

Like a clutch of talented international black players of their own and a Jewish owner. How the old guard at the Bridge must cry!

Meanwhile, a football match was played last night, and the result was a 1-1 draw between Fulham and Manchester United.

United had been winning, as the Sun says, and then they were not. So, given the unfavourable nature of the result to United’s cause, expect to hear lots of bleating, whining and moaning about that in the coming days.

Over in the Telegraph, the lead story is about a shambolic defeat for England’s cricketers in South Africa, as Michael Vaughan’s side lost by seven wickets to South Africa A.

“It’s a slight worry that we’ve been beaten convincingly by South Africa A,” says Vaughan, “but if we play like that over the next few weeks we’re going to get one hell of a surprise.”

That it should be a surprise that England’s touring side get thrashed says much about how far the team has come and the expectation that now surrounds it.

Not for nothing were the team ordered to spend some time after their defeat in what the paper calls “the naughty boy nets” – a phrase that, to our mind, contains more than a hint of public school boy perversion.

Which can only be good for the game’s grass roots…’

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