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Pork In A Storm

by | 15th, December 2004

‘WE don’t know what time foxes go to bed these days, but we have little doubt the animal strolling past No.10 Downing Street last night was up late and to no good.

”You create a diversion and I’ll make a run for it”

His nocturnal constitutional was captured by the Guardian, which this morning offers its readers a pictorial day in the life of the Prime Minister’s official residence.

We learn, for instance, that yesterday there came through the iconic black door four Cabinet ministers, three world leaders, two senior European diplomats, a few dozen schoolchildren, a handful of vintage car enthusiasts, many large saucepans, a BBC director-general, the dry cleaning, a seemingly endless supply of upmarket sandwiches and Ian Paisley.

But it is the fox who at 7.40pm brazenly defies both the security gates at the end of the street and the boys in blue whose job it is to make sure no harm befalls Our Beloved Leader that really captures our attention.

And we hope the attention of our courts, who we suggest might like to consider slapping an antisocial behaviour order (or ASBO, as they are known) on the ne’er-do-well.

Unfortunately, the first such experience of serving an ASBO on an animal (reported in yesterday’s Anorak) has not been a great success.

Pigs, it appears, believe they can flout the law of the land with impunity.

The Times reports that Norfolk pig farmer Brian Hagan could face five years in jail after a neighbour claimed his swine were on the rampage a mere five hours after their court appearance.

A group of 20 pigs made a new break for freedom yesterday afternoon, pushing past a rickety wire-mesh fence and through a hedgerow before trying to burrow under a 6ft fence and into a neighbouring paddock used by a dog breeder.

Jacky Howe, who uses the paddock to exercise her prizewinning Great Danes, called the police because she feared a rumble was imminent.

”These are working dogs originally bred for hunting wild boar,” she explained.

Well, then – it sounds like a fair fights to us. Seconds out, round one…’

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