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Who’s The Daddy?

by | 16th, December 2004

”WHO’S The Daddy?’ asks the Express’s headline. And for once the answer is not David Blunkett.

‘Thong or novelty briefs, Carole?’

In truth, we don’t know the answer, only the producers behind an American TV show – which sees a young woman who was adopted at birth look at an eight-strong line-up and try to figure out which man is her father – do.

If she selects her real daddy, the lucky girl will win the equivalent of £50,000 and get to be suddenly very popular with her long lost pop.

This is certainly cutting-edge TV and, although a load of nodding heads line up to damn the show as ‘repulsive’, it represents another chance to watch someone truly suffer, which after all is what reality TV is all about.

And it’s no less or more revolting than some of the other reality TV shows to have made it onto the American networks.

There’s The Littlest Groom, a dating show for dwarves; The Swan, where makeovers include plastic surgery; and an episode of 20/20 where veteran US broadcaster Barbara Walters (think Trevor McDonald in white make-up and wig) allowed five couples to compete to adopt the same child on air.

But the real salacious bit can be found in the Star, where we learn that Carole Caplin is to appear on a reality TV show here in Blighty.

The former topless model, and lifestyle guru to the Blairs, has been signed up to appear on Celebrity Big Brother.

Will Carole do for the Blairs what Paul Burrell has done for the Windsors and drop the occasional hint about life in the big house?

The Express thinks – or is that hopes? – Caplin will spell ‘Big Bother for Blair’, as she tells us about the underpants she chose for him – you know, the ones with the picture of Margaret Thatcher on the front and the words ‘Property of Cherie’ on the back.

But that can wait – you want to know who else will be in the house.

And the Express can tell you the incarcerated celebs will include ‘bereaved mother’ Mandy Allwood, racing pundit John McCirick and goalkeeper-turned prophet David Icke.

And a man with a beard and dog who only wants to be known as ‘daddy’…’

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