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End Of The Affair

by | 16th, December 2004

‘IF David Blunkett is casting round for something to occupy his free time now that he’s relieved us of all our remaining liberties, may we suggest an appearance on Trisha.

Lessons in love

The Indy reports that the ITV programme has been rapped for announcing the results of paternity tests live on air, sometimes involving children under five.

Having had his private affairs made so public over the past few months, Blunkett may as well bring matters to their logical conclusion and make his case for access to the boy he claims is his son in front of a TV audience.

If not Trisha, then perhaps Make Me A Mum, a programme being developed by Endemol in which men compete to make a number of childless women pregnant by sperm donation.

For the time being, though, the papers are not so much concerned with Blunkett’s future activities as with his past ones.

And in particular the e-mail that revealed that his private office had been involved in fast-tracking a visa application for the nanny of his former lover Kimberley Quinn after all.

It was that that persuaded the Home Secretary to resign after what the Telegraph describes as ‘a day of drama and near farce’.

It is the second political career derailed by a nanny in just a matter of days.

Over in the United States, Bernard Kerik withdrew from the running to become the next Homeland Security Secretary because it turned out his nanny was an illegal alien.

And the Telegraph says Blunkett’s resignation is the most serious setback Tony Blair has suffered since he became Prime Minister.

Having staked his authority on his friend being acquitted on all charges of impropriety, it says Blair’s judgement is sure to come under question.

Not from us here at Anorak, it won’t.

Having already staked his authority once on the fact that weapons of mass destruction would be found in Iraq, we don’t question the PM’s judgement.

We know he has none…’

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