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Shane On You

by | 16th, December 2004

‘IF they don’t call their sons Jake, Max or Oscar, the next most imaginative thing a celebrity can do is to name future stage school protégés after themselves.

‘And the winner of Best Audition Not To Be Given A Role is…’

And here is Shane Jr, named after his famous dad, Shane Richie, sitting with his brother Jake on a rug before the roaring fire at dad’s five-bedroom house in the Buckinghamshire countryside.

Completing this scene of domestic bliss is 25-year-old Christie. She’s not mum to the wee scamps – that honour goes to Coleen Nolan, Shane’s first wife. No, she’s better than that – she’s their mate.

‘Shane and I get the best bits,’ says Christie, a former dancer, no less.

‘Coleen and Ray [her husband with whom the former Nolan Sister lives in Blackpool] have to make sure they go to bed early, but they come here in their holidays so we stay up until 3am watching films and eating pizzas.’

And Christie is not only a great pal but a budding actress to boot.

She has ‘followed Shane into acting’, a comment that suggests Christie was not into acting when she met actor Shane and then moved into his home within two weeks of that magic moment.

We’ll move onto Shane in a moment, but first let it be known that Christie has appeared in the straight-to-Channel-Five blockbuster American Daylight and only just missed out on a regular part in the ITV drama Bad Girls. She was down to the last two!

Oh, and before we get to how much Shane loves Christmas and his kids, Christie would like it to be known by everyone that the tinsel and trees that festoon their home are all her own work.

‘I do all of it,’ says Christie. ‘Don’t let Shane tell you any different!’ Pah! As if he could. ‘I buy all the presents,’ she adds. ‘It doesn’t feel like Christmas unless I’m running about on Christmas Eve panicking that I’ve forgotten somebody.’

Like old woz’isname. You know, the one who’s in EastEnders. Sorry, Christie, you were saying. Of yes, about that acting career…’

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