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Hobley’s Choice

by | 16th, December 2004

‘REMEMBER Jake? Well, if it’s a girl, most celebrity nippers are called Isabella. And this week, Hello! has got at least one of those.

‘No, we call this colour orange’

This Isabella (No. 198674329b) is the five-year-old daughter of the vision of orange loveliness that is Tina Hobley.

And this week, Isabella 198674329b is off to Lapland to see to see an old fat Finnish fella with a stick-on beard that Tina will pretend (i.e. lie) is the real thing.

This cruel, inhuman practice is commonplace at this time of year.

Indeed, Tina will not be alone as she plays her hideous trick on the girl she professes to love so much, taking along her fellow Holby City cast member Sharon Maughan and her son George.

‘Mummy, we’re not really going to see Santa, are we?’ asks Isabella 198674329b, her innocent eyes raised up to her mum’s face, which hovers like a huge orange sun above her. ‘He’s not real, is he?’

And here is Tina’s chance to put this lie to bed before it breeds. So, what does she do? That’s right, she lies some more.

‘But this is the real Santa,’ says Tina shamelessly. ‘Forget all the others. Santa lives in Lapland and we’re going to see him.’

For shame! This is surely tantamount to some kind of abuse. Tiny Tim can thank his lucky stars he was only physically crippled. This is too, too much.

But off to Lapland they go. And when they get their, there indeed is Santa…talking on his mobile phone.

But that is not all, because as well as meeting Santa face to face, the children got to see some real reindeer at close quarters.

Or dogs with twigs stuck to the heads, as we know them to be…’

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