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You Dirty Dev-il

by | 20th, December 2004

‘OKAY, let’s make this a whole lot easier – hands up who HASN’T slept with American millionaire and Spectator publisher Kimberly Quinn.

A true professional, Jimmi never forgot his lines

We notice a hand up there from Guardian columnist and Spectator wine correspondent Simon Hoggart. Oh no, it’s just gone down again.

So, that leaves, what, just three of you. So what’s your secret? How did you escape the clutches of the woman who takes her marriage vows somewhat less seriously than Britney Spears?

What? You’re gay? And you’ve been camping out in the Bolivian jungle for the past three years? Okay, but what about you, man at the back? A Mr Quinn, isn’t it?

As this morning’s Mail delights in the salacious details of the various goings-on at what it dubs the Sextator, the Sun has other fish to fry.

Its front-page exclusive (shared with the Star) may be about as exclusive as Mrs Quinn’s favours, but the news is that Coronation Street’s Jimmi Harkishin is facing the axe.

The man who plays Dirty Dev has been summonsed to a showdown with his bosses on the ITV soap after being caught on camera snorting cocaine.

The revelations in yesterday’s News Of The World come hot on the heels of shoplifting allegations.

And a source tells the Sun: ‘Jimmi has had more lives than a cat. He has to go – he’s history.’

As David Blunkett would no doubt sympathise, a vengeful woman is the author of Harkishin’s undoing.

Busty blonde model Miranda Lipinski, at whose house the actor was snapped snorting the drug, says: ‘It’s about time the public knew about his private life.

‘Jimmi’s life is totally ruled by drugs. He just can’t get enough cocaine. He’s out of control and needs help.’

And what better way to help than to ensure he loses his £100,000-a-year job…’

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